Introduction to Java Programming by Lemuel Ogbunude

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  • Course level: Beginner

About Course

I know what issues are faced by students especially when learning a language like Java. In this course, you would notice how we start learning Java easily with Java's Jshell before moving into an IDE like IntelliJIDEA. This course uses modern Java programming tools, Java is quickly evolving and this course would keep you up to date with what's popping in Java!


This modern Java programming course is designed for both beginner and intermediate Java programmers. The programming topics are structured in such a way that is easy to learn for students. Concepts are explained with animations and real-life scenarios. You learn why certain things are done in Java and not just how to do them. This course would also be very helpful if you are an Android developer and wish to strengthen your Java skills.

What Will I Learn?

  • Knowledge in java programming
  • Building applications using java
  • Learning how programming works
  • Learn modern Java 11 features.

Topics for this course

123 Lessons9h


Java installation3:54
Java installation Part 24:01
Intelij Idea installation2:11
windows jshell0:56
Variable types8:32
java var2:15
Case sensitive1:21
Java Operators7:13
What are if statements00:02:28
IF statements00:03:41
if else statements00:03:20
foor loops00:05:56
Modulus Operator00:02:21
Modulus solution00:02:27
Intro to method concepts00:01:42
looking at java methods4:50
Accepting argument in methods00:05:21
Accepting multiple argument in methods00:04:07
Returning values from methods00:05:51
Intro to arrays00:03:56
Looking at arrays00:05:19
Looking at arrays part 200:06:59
Getting array length00:02:13
sum array with for loops00:05:38
get last element of array with method00:05:40
Intro to multidimensional array00:02:47
Multidimensional arrays part 200:00:00
Intro to OOP00:05:15
Classes and Objects00:12:33
Intro to access modifiers5:16
Static Members00:07:00
System class and Predefined classes00:03:08
Java and JVM00:01:46
The main method00:08:19
Intelij Revisited00:08:49
Variable scope00:03:09
Naming variables00:09:26
Break and continue00:05:18
Foor loop variations00:05:18
For each loop00:05:48
While loop00:04:55
Do while loop00:04:19
Switch statement00:07:34
Reference and value variables00:08:17
Method overloading00:06:43
Constructor Overloading00:04:57
Assigning Reference Variable Values00:06:46
Objects as Arguments00:03:52
Pass by Value and Reference00:05:33
Non Primitive Member Variables00:05:43
Inner Classes00:07:39
Static Inner Classes00:03:26
Multiple Classes In One Java File00:03:40
Method Local Class00:02:35
Static Blocks00:06:15
Init Blocks00:02:46
The Scanner Class00:06:29
The Final Keyword00:05:20
Java Var Limitations00:03:00
Inheritance Concept00:02:11
Inheritance Need00:05:38
Extends Keyword00:06:29
Super Instance Variables00:07:06
Super Methods00:03:13
Super Constructors00:05:12
Dynamic Method00:05:44
Dynamic Method Dispatch p200:04:05
Final Methods and Classes00:03:22
Object Class00:04:31
Abstract Classes00:05:16
Anonymous Classes00:04:07
Abstract Class With Anonymous00:03:33
Java Packages00:05:44
Java Lang Package00:01:27
Access Modifiers Revisisted00:06:30
Interface Concept00:02:27
Interface Need00:05:04
Intro To Interfaces00:05:41
Implementing Multiple Interfaces00:04:34
Nested Interfaces00:03:41
Interface Variables00:03:08
Interfaces Extending Interfaces00:02:30
Default Methods00:03:27
Private Methods00:03:06
Static Interface Methods00:01:48
Implementing Interface With Same Methods00:01:35
Wrapper Classes Intro00:01:39
Wrapper Class Example00:03:10
Integer Cache00:03:19
Comparing Object Reference00:02:29
AutoBoxing and Unboxing00:02:44
Number Class00:04:30
Parse Int and Value Of00:02:48
Decimal Format00:04:02
Java Math Class00:04:08
String Literals and Objects00:06:31
String Methods00:04:34
Concatenate Strings00:02:46
Escape Sequence00:02:29
String Immutability00:05:07
Enum Need00:04:16
Enums Use Case00:04:28
Enums Example00:04:49
Enum Constructors00:04:38
Intro To Exceptions00:01:23
Throwable Class00:01:54
Exception Example00:02:42
Try Catch Block00:04:37
Multiple Catch Blocks00:07:04
Throw Keyword00:03:20
Throws Keyword00:03:08
Finally Block00:02:31
Custom Exceptions00:02:06
Chained Exceptions00:03:00
Multi Catch Exception00:02:04

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