Instagram Marketing by Seun the Sage

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About Course

Join us and learn how you can use Instagram to grow your sales, revenue and your brand in totality.


You’ll learn how I built a follower base of over 2,000 followers in one month, learn how to use advanced techniques (like “The Like2Sale Technique”) to engage potential buyers, build a stronger community and ultimately make more sales.


What Will I Learn?

  • Instagram Marketing skills

Topics for this course

10 Lessons30m


Part 1: Beginning. Don’t Waste Our Time1:24
Part 2: Basics of Business and Sales0:52
Branding 101
The New Era of Marketing
Why is Instagram so Freaking Awesome
Part 3: The Beauty that is Instagram (How to actually sell Instagram)1:14
The Bio Section
How to tell your story on Instagram
Getting more people to listen to your story
Part 4: Conclusion1:49

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